Kandi Beads FAQ

What are Kandi Beads and what are they used for?

Kandi beads are beads that are used for trading at events and music festivals. In the 90s the rave culture adopted trading kandi bracelets. Today in at edm music festivals it is still common to see ravers using the handshake called PLUR. Not only used to trade Kandi Bracelets but other beads, water, stickers, gum etc. PLUR stands for (Peace, Love, Unity , & Respect.) Sometimes another R is added for Responsibility. Some say the beads and PLUR are dead. But we think the new generation is just not as informed. We hope to see everyone looking after each other still at the next festival?

What is a monthly Kandi Kit?

We started kandi kits to help you be more creative with beads. We provide different beads each month in a new theme. These Kandi bead kits come with string, charms, and pony beads. Everything you need to get creative in your next bead project.


We have a 30 day kandi beads return poilcy. Not happy with anything, send it back for a full refund. We take pride in the quality of our beads. We want you to be happy with your purchase.

Is kandi making just for ravers?

No, in fact it is a craft for anyone that enjoys making beaded projects. We have beads that are fun for all kandi projects. The term kandi is just the characteristics of an artform. Making kandi is "Making a beaded project"

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