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Welcome to Kandi Beads

We make our own beads and find the best prices so you don't have to. Our goal is to have the best selection of charms and unique styles for your next project. 

We started out in 2007 as a small shop wanting to help people connect with Kandi Bracelets. Overtime it become much more . .  as we see the effects that a single bracelet can do to brighten someone's day. Keeping PLUR alive is our main reason for doing what we do. You never know what someone else is going through and we know a simple gesture of gifting can really help spread love. We have been going to music festivals for longer than some of you have been alive! We hope to teach people about respecting each other on and off the dance floor.

Hoping to see you on the dance floor at the next festival, and don't forget to find the beads you need to brighten someone's day. Stay PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect)!  

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