What is the best string for kandi? In depth review

After years of trying different kandi string and beading with string that well, doesn't last. We finally found the string that really has made our Kandi amazing. 

Yeatrs of going to raves and having stirong break when we trade. Which we will go over in the article has made us realize we need quality string. It's the worst when you make a single or cuff and the string breaks when your trading. It's also bad luck if the string breaks, it's the universe telling you it's not meant to be. Trust me, I traded my ex a kandi and it broke a few months later dovorced. I made a perler for everyone in our group and hers was the only one that broke. Now in hindsight it explains why it broke. If it breaks its not meant to be. 

However we have found the string that lasts. The string that really has the best lifetime value is the cotton lined elastic string. We sell it here in your shop here.  We have found the .08 to 2.0 mm string is the best. Any bigger and you won't be able to knot it as well. 

Strings that don't last are the cheap elastic cord. The rainbow plastic string. Here are the ones we would avoid as they are hard to knot and they won't last a few years.

Here is the string we recommend. It has a cotton layer on top of the elastic cord. It makes it easy to knot and won't break. We recommend 3 knots with this string for every piece. We hope that you love the string as much as we do! You can buy it here:



BWe hope all your kandi projects last, and make sure to get your string from us for the best quality 👌. Stay PLUR 💜🍭 



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