Vowel Letter Box Kit - Never run out of vowel beads again

If you're planning on doing any sort of project that involves text - whether it's a school assignment, a kandi cuff, or even just a simple kandi bracelet- you're going to need a vowel letter kit. Vowel letter kits contain all the necessary letters to create words with every vowel sound, and they're essential for creating legible, correctly-pronounced text. Here's a closer look at why you need vowel letter kits for your next project.

The Vowel letter box kit comes with approx. 150 letters of each vowel. Plus zodiac beads. Never use a V upside down again, or marker your beads in. We know packs of letters never have enough vowels. That is why we made this kit, to help circumvent the vowel letter problem. Make sure to pick one up today! 


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