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Audrey was excited to finally be going to her first rave. She had spent weeks picking out the perfect outfit and making sure her kandi was on point. Her best friend Jane had told her all about the importance of having the right beads to stay PLUR, so she made sure to stock up. Are you planning your first rave with kandi? We are here to help you stay PLUR with our new Kandi collection. 

First we needed to teach Audrey about PLUR! This is a golden that started before the scene grew into what it is today. What it stands for is PEACE LOVE UNITY RESPECT. This should be followed even outside of the rave scene. Including online, sure you can just say PLUR, slap a sticker on your bike or make a youtube video. But what really does it mean? Peace. Show peace in yourself, towards your fellow man, and towards the world. Then hopefully one day we won’t have malice to be concerned about in politics. Forgive that person who hurt your feelings, or with whom you had a misunderstanding. Have a chat about how you are feeling instead of bashing someone online. Agree to disagree. Life is short. Carrying negativity creates more than just a negative outlook on life, it has even been shown to create health problems. Take care of yourself. Take care of others.

Above all don't judge, we are all on our own journeys. Things happen, mistakes are made. Sometimes out of ones control. By judging from a story one knows nothing about really isn't PLUR. Instead enlighten each other and get to know each other, learn from others mistakes and help them push forward. 

image via theodysseyonline.com

We help to make sure your rave kandi doesn't disappoint here at Kandi Beads. This collection is made for the first time raver. Add some flare and be prepared to trade some singles at your next festival or rave. Most of all be ready to be PLUR, don't judge. Find new friends and share the LOVE of music and life at the Rave. 

The Rave Kandi Collection: 


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