How to make the perfect Kandi Bracelet

How to make a Kandi Bracelet 

You first need to grab some string and cut it to go around your wrist plus an inch or 2 more so you have room to tie it. Note if you have small wrists add an extra inch or 2. Next choose 2 or 3 colors of beads to work with. Unless you want a rainbow or chaotic random color bracelet. Select any fun charms or sayings you might want to add. Once you are ready, start beading your kandi bracelet. You can see we are making a pattern of 2 to 1 pattern for our bracelet. Be careful not to let go of the string. 

Other patterns to try: 

3 - 1 color

4 - 2 color

2 - 2 color

1 - 1 color

Now to add some flare for your kandi bracelet. Add a charm or specialty bead. In this case we are adding one of our glow in the dark PLUR beads to our bracelet. This kandi bracelet used 26 pony beads with this charm. Generally an average size bracelet for most wrists is 28 to 30 pony beads.. You can always check as you go and try it around your wrist before tying the knot. 


Let's talk about knots, we generally do a double or triple over hand knot. depending on the type of string you should double this if its thinner. Take both ends of your string and cross them, going back under with one side until it makes a x type cross. Pull tight and repeat til your bracelet feels secure. 



Now you just need to cut the strings off, be careful not to cut the knot and tuck any extra access string into a bead if you wish. Now you are ready to trade your bracelet with someone. 

If you need kandi, check out our Monthly Kandi making kits. We provide a new surprise theme each month to keep you creative. 

Don't forget to show us what you kandi bracelets you make. :) Tag us at @kandibeads_ on instagram. 

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