For the Love of Kandi - Why trading Kandi exists

When focusing on PLUR+R Kandi, we try our best to break down why people trade kandi and what it's all about. This month we wanted to focus on "Love". We should try to love everyone for who they are, you don't know what any one person is going through. That is why the culture of being PLUR+R is so important. We trade kandi because we all love each other and want to spread that mentality with others. 

If you don't know what PLUR+R is let me break it down:




Respect +


We have been raving for a long time and have noticed how some people in the community are not being very respectful to others as of late. That needs to stop, and includes online bullying and blasting people. How in anyway is that PLURR??? You respect people, you don't know anyone's situation. 

I have been raving for 10 plus years and the past few years have been getting worst. Thank goodness some good people still exist in the scene. We should bring back the true meaning of PLURR and trading kandi. We trade it to spread PLURR and acknowledge every person is equal. It doesn't matter if your sex or domination. What matters is treating people equal.How you treat that person,  should be how you want to be treated. 

Let's bring the LOVE back into PLURR, not just the month of February but forever. We hope you find it in your heart to trade kandi with everyone and to treat all as equal. At the end of the day we are all equal. See you on the dance floor, festival season is starting. Let's trade kandi and love. 




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