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Why trade kandi? Is it wrong to buy kandi?

Let's first cover what kandi is and why we trade it?

Kandi bracelets are usually made with pony beads and various other beads & charms. Ravers and festival goers make them to give or trade to other ravers they meet and make friends with. Kandi is traded through a special handshake called the PLUR handshake. (PLUR stands for Peace, Love, Unity & Respect. People sometimes add another "R" which stands for Responsibility). This special handshake is a gesture of friendship as you trade or give the kandi to the other person.  

Why make kandi?

One it is something to do when we aren't raving and at events. It also allows us to be creative and to be able to spread that to other people. If someone doesn't have any kandi to trade but you want to give them one, please still do! It can make someone's night receiving a piece of kandi. 

Is it bad to buy kandi to give out? 

AHH so this is an age old debate and I have seen some heated conversations on this subject. Here is our stance on it, kandi takes time and creativity. We like the fact that a person took the time to create us something special. Wait you don't like figuring out what to make? Well we can help you with our Kandi Box it comes with ppny beads, charms, and string. Literally you can make everything right out of the Kandi Box! We will leave it up to you, but we don't think its hard to make kandi and we think you will appreciate giving someone kandi you made personally for them. It will have more meaning and character. Check out our instagram for inspiration and stay creative.


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