What is kandi and why do people trade it at festivals?

What is kandi? It is beads made into a bracelet. Of course these days it has expanded to people making Cuffs, bags, perlers, and more. Generally kandi is just a craft that people make with the purpose of trading. 

Why is kandi traded?  The simple answer it is because we are all one, sharing an experiance that truly lightens the human heart. We trade for the pure fact it makes someone's day. The best feeling in the world is seeing someone light up with joy and happiness after giving them a cuff or necklace. The simple handshake called PLUR (Peace Love Unity Respect) goes along way. Not just at festivals but it's a lifestyle. I live everyday trying to be the best person I can be. 

We are often stuck on our phones and only see reactions / status / thumbs up. No real meaningful connections. That is why at festivals not only can we enjoy amazing music. We can share and make new memories with new friends, creating some of the most meaningful moments. We can brighten someone's day.  We can dance the night and trade kandi with new friends. Life is made up of little moments and sharing kandi at festivals is one of the best moments I get. 

I met my best friend at EDC 2016, today we still take walks every Saturday to the park. You never know who you will meet and how just one piece of kandi can change someone's life. I don't keep every piece I get, but I do have a pretty good collection of memories and kandi moments that meant the most to me. 

Here is a few of our favorite videos from this year. We hope you share some of your moments with us as well. Tag us on Instagram and we will feature you.