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Why trade kandi? Is it wrong to buy kandi?

Let's first cover what kandi is and why we trade it? Kandi bracelets are usually made with pony beads and various other beads ...

New Kandi Box is here

We know the struggle of getting all the supplies you need together to make kandi. Plus what theme, ideas on what to make take t...

EDC 2019 Pokemon and Kandi Meetup

The Great Pokemon and Kandi Meetup!

Additional Kandi Codes

Buy an additional kandi code for your profile!

Whats new on Kandi Family

We just launched our new QR code beads for kandi. These beads will allow you to connect even faster at festivals. Get yours tod...

Kandi Family Social Network

What is Kandi Family? Kandi Family is an app built to help you connect with Kandi. Our goal is to make it easy for you at your ...

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